Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act; bill HR 2343

Dr. Joan Lurie

June 15, 2019

To: William Weitz, Chief of Staff to Congressman Eliot Engel,

2462 Rayburn Building

Washington, D.C. 20515  

From: Joan Lurie and Ellen Fawer (UNRWA: Stop Teaching Hate)

A Memo Concerning bill HR 2343 – Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act; In House Foreign Relations Committee as of April 2019. The Sponsor of this bill is Representative Brad Sherman, Democrat, CA (Cosponsors are listed below)

Dear Congressman Engel,

You may recall that, last fall, the authors of this letter met with you in your office on the subject of the hate and incitement in educational materials used in UNRWA schools for Palestinian children.  Several months later, we were delighted to write to congratulate you on attaining the chairmanship of the House Foreign Relations Committee. Now we are writing to offer our assistance in moving this bill forward and making it well known to the public.

We fervently believe that the “Path to Peace begins in the Classroom”.  How can there ever be a meaningful peace partner with whom Israel can negotiate if the entire population of Palestinian children (in all the refugee camps in the Middle East) has been taught that they must fight to the death to drive the Jews from the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean so that they can regain their lost “homeland”?

We have recently become aware of HR 2343, Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act.  It was introduced in the House Foreign Relations Committee in April, 2019 by Brad Sherman of California.  As chair of this committee, what is your plan for this bill? We urge you to promote it and bring it to the full House.  The cosponsors, listed below, are bipartisan.

You can see more of our work and our interests by looking at  We are two of the three cochairs of UNRWA: Stop Teaching Hate, an organization of some of the Jewish NGOs at the UN in New York and friends.

Please let us know how we can help move this bill forward.  We are very eager to see the US Congress pass this most important bill.  It is critical to have such a bill in place especially if, in the future, the US decides to re-institute funding these schools. 

Sincerely yours,

Joan Lurie –

Ellen Fawer –

Cosponsors of the bill: (3 Democrats, 7 Republicans)

Joan Lurie