The UN and Israel in the Nikki Haley Era

Although Jon Lerner’s article does not mention the additional issue of UNRWA school incitement, he was instrumental in advising Amb. Haley on the problems with UNRWA

“That was our treatment of the UN agency devoted to providing social services to Palestinian refugees, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East, known as UNRWA.

Many have long raised serious concerns about UNRWA. Instead of helping integrate children into communities-thus ending their refugee status-UNRWA uses a unique definition of refugee in order to perpetually increase the Palestinians' supposed refugee population. It extends refugee status to descendants of refugees, regardless of their circumstances, including having citizenship in another country. This encourages multigenerational dependency on international generosity. UNRWA perpetuates the Palestinians' mythical "right of return," implementation of which would extinguish Israel as a Jewish-majority state. Additionally, in Gaza, Hamas terrorists have shielded their activities inside and underneath UNRWA facilities.

At the same time, UNRWA does provide education and health-care services to hundreds of thousands of children in desperate conditions And unlike the Human Rights Council, where our commitment vacillated from one administration to the next, the U.S. had been UNRWA's chief financial backer for decades. UNRWA also had strong defenders within the national-security bureaucracy. When the Trump administration entered office, this bipartisan and bureaucratic support for UNRWA made far-reaching changes in our approach seem unlikely.

In June 2017, Haley and I visited the Aida Palestinian refugee camp just north of Bethlehem in the West Bank. The circumstances of the children in this and other camps is truly moving. They deserve a good education and a good future just the same as any other children. The question was whether UNRWA, absent major structural reforms, could deliver it.”