Classified U.S. Government Report on Palestinian Textbooks Released Following Visit of IMPACT-se to Congress

A long-classified report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the Palestinian curriculum taught in UNWRA schools has been obtained by the congressional offices of Lee Zeldin and Scott Perry, who ensured its release and effective declassification.

The report confirms that UNWRA did not distribute supplemental material to the radical Palestinian curriculum, nor did the organization train teachers to teach it.

The GAO declassified report is here.

The Palestinian New School Curriculum / Grades 1–12 - 2018–19

Excerpts from the textbooks:

Palestinian textbook

“Palestine: is the geographical area that extends from the Mediterranean Sea in the west, to the Jordan River in the East, and from Lebanon and Syria in the north to the Gulf of Aqaba and Egypt in the south, an area of approximately 27,000 km2”

Jews are demonized as liars and fraudsters. The text describes a failed attempt by Jewish leaders in Medina to persuade Muhammad to pronounce an unjust verdict to their benefit, promising him that they would convert to Islam if he did. Jews are described as sinful and liars, as they turned their backs on the Prophet and caused pain to the Prophet.”

Full list of examples collected by IMPACT-SE is here.